Disengaging from the cycle of chaos


Amid the chaos, there is also an opportunity,” said Sun Tzu. Indeed, within the chaos of personnel disputes lies the opportunity for resolution and growth.

Personnel transitions, especially at the executive level, present a myriad of challenges. The departure of key leaders or the eruption of contentious personnel issues can disrupt the very fabric of an organisation, causing aftershocks to be felt far and wide. 

This is where the expertise of Leah Brown FRSA and her team at Broadstairs Consulting shines, as they guide organisations through turbulent times. Leah understands that managing executive exits is not merely about facilitating the departure of a high-ranking individual. It’s about ensuring a seamless transition that preserves the organisation’s reputation and minimises operational disruption. With years of experience in her arsenal, Leah has concluded that process-driven mediation is a cogent way forward.

The firm emphasises the importance of preparedness and careful decision-making. The departure of an executive is not necessarily a straightforward path, especially when a key person like a founder or chairman. Strategising in advance vis a vis succession planning and crisis resilience can prevent challenges from becoming scandals. Broadstairs Consulting steps in as a neutral third party when conflicts arise with or as a result of a departing executive to escalate, and facilitate constructive dialogue. The mediation process is not about winners or losers; rather, it’s about finding common ground and fostering mutual understanding.

What sets Leah and her team apart is their desire to fly under the radar. Recognising that executives need the utmost discretion in situations like these, Broadstairs Consulting advocates for a sealed client list and operates on a referral-only basis.

As the renowned self-help author Wayne Dyer once said, “Conflict cannot survive without your participation.” Leah and her team at Broadstairs Consulting (all of whom are well-versed in challenging situations) help organisations disengage from the cycle of conflict, facilitating early resolutions that allow for a renewed focus on productivity and collaboration. Leah understands that conflicts often stem from miscommunication or unmet expectations and addresses these issues constructively by providing a safe space for open dialogue, a skill mastered through years of experience as an in-house General Counsel and a commitment to professionalism and confidentiality.

If you want to maximise the opportunity presented by disengaging from the cycle of chaos, don’t hesitate to contact Broadstairs Consulting for a bespoke consultation today.

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