Cynthia Lourde Making a Difference Through HFCIC


You have most likely come across various non-profit organizations that strive for the welfare of society and the people. Philanthropists are persons who assist operate these groups and institutions. Everyone from Bill Gates to Oprah Winfrey to Michael Jordan is participating in this with their charities working around the clock to aid the poor.

What is HFCIC?

Cynthia Lourde started HFCIC (Helping Families of Chronically Sick Children), a San Francisco-based charity that assists families of chronically ill children. Children who are chronically unwell have a life-long ailment, whether it be AIDS, Autism, or another disorder. Sadness and depression are typical in both the kid and the parent, and they appear to worsen over time. The parents think they are alone and that no one can assist them. Even medical procedures are very expensive. Many parents are unable to provide their chronically sick kid with the necessary medications and therapies.

Cynthia Lourde, the founder of HFCIC, has created a non-profit organization to assist you. You may treat your child and utilize all of the equipment for free through her organization. She understands the parents’ and children’s difficulties and want to assist them in any way she can. This is one of the reasons for forming an organization to assist them.

Not only that, but she also has a program called “Individualized Education Program” through which she teaches others about chronic disease and the people who suffer from it. Her objective is to raise awareness so that people can comprehend the emotional and behavioral challenges that come with chronic disease, which has been decreasing recently. Because parents, teachers, and health-care providers are finding more effective methods to assist children and their parents in meeting their psychological requirements.


Reaching Out Through Media

Cynthia has worked as an IT engineer for the past eight years. This enables her to consider aiding people with chronic illnesses on a much larger scale. She began to reach out via seminars, exhibitions, and activism activities. She is now focusing her efforts on establishing a social media presence since it is the most effective approach to reach out in today’s world. Her staff is working around the clock to make this happen.

More knowledge will help others comprehend her goal, and she will be able to assemble people with similar motivations on a much larger scale. She had been sponsoring her group with her own money up until now. However, raising awareness will encourage more individuals to donate to these wonderful youngsters. Despite the fact that organizations operate for comparable reasons, no one educates about it except HFCIC. Cynthia hopes to grow her firm throughout Africa and India.

Cynthia has shown to be an outstanding person who is always striving to help exceptional youngsters. She want to share the family’s suffering and lend the hand of assistance that he has done so well. Head over to her website and learn more about her organization. Assist her in expanding her company and achieving her goals.

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