Children’s Christmas Gift Guide: Cleveland Edition


The magic of Christmas is amplified when seen through the eyes of children. Their anticipation, the sparkle in their eyes, and the joy of tearing open wrapped presents form the heart of the festive season. And when you’re in a city as vibrant as Cleveland, the possibilities for finding that perfect gift are endless. From local treasures to immersive experiences, there’s something for every young heart. Dive into our specially curated list to bring the joy of Cleveland to the little ones this holiday season.


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Kids’ Kit:

Cleveland’s musical legacy deserves to be passed on to the younger generation, and this kit does just that. Inside, children will find miniature replicas of iconic instruments, music-themed puzzles, and even a beginner’s guide to the rock & roll genre. Exclusive behind-the-scenes stories of famed artists add an educational touch, ensuring hours of edutainment. It’s not just a gift; it’s an interactive music class wrapped in a box.

Cleveland Science Center Membership:

This isn’t just a pass; it’s a golden ticket to the mesmerizing world of science. Whether they’re uncovering the mysteries of the cosmos in the planetarium or experimenting in the hands-on labs, there’s always something new to learn. Special workshops, events, and exclusive previews ensure the experience remains fresh throughout the year. It’s the gift of knowledge, and what’s better than that?

Chef Junior: Cleveland Chefs’ Recipe Book for Kids:

Discovering Cleveland’s culinary wonders has never been this exciting! Crafted with love and expertise, this cookbook combines easy and delicious recipes from the best Cleveland chefs. Along with cooking, kids also get a taste of local rich culinary history, making each dish they whip up a delightful learning experience.

Handmade Cleveland Puzzle:

Each piece of this intricately designed puzzle showcases a landmark or element that is iconic to Cleveland. As children piece together the city, they unknowingly embark on a historical and geographical adventure. Crafted with precision and painted in non-toxic colors, it’s a safe and delightful challenge for young minds.

Lake Erie Adventure Kit:

Lake Erie is a treasure trove of nature’s wonders; this kit is their map to uncover its secrets. From identifying pebbles and shells to understanding the diverse ecosystem of the lake, the illustrated guidebooks offer a wealth of information. The magnifying glass and other tools add an element of hands-on exploration, making every lakeside visit an educational adventure.

Art Kit from the Cleveland Museum of Art:

Rooted in the ethos of Cleveland’s illustrious art museum, this kit offers a comprehensive art experience. Premium quality colors, brushes, and materials ensure their masterpieces come alive. Inspired by the museum’s exhibits, the accompanying guides introduce them to various art forms and techniques, fostering a deep appreciation for the craft.

Personalized Cleveland Sports Jersey:

Imagine their joy when they see their name on a jersey of their favorite Cleveland sports team! Crafted with high-quality fabric, these jerseys are comfortable and durable, ensuring they stand out in the stands or playing in the park. It’s more than clothing; it’s identity.

Classic Train Set – Cuyahoga Valley Edition:

Drawing inspiration from the historic Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, this train set beautifully captures its charm—the detailed locomotives, coupled with a realistic track layout, transport kids to a bygone era. Every ride is not just play but a journey steeped in Cleveland’s rich rail history.

Cleveland-themed Storybooks:

These aren’t ordinary tales; they are stories set against the vibrant backdrop of Cleveland. Whether thrilling adventures around the West Side Market or heartwarming tales from Lake Erie’s shores, each narrative captures the city’s essence. Beautiful illustrations complement the engaging storytelling, promising countless hours of immersive reading.

DIY Craft Kit from Local Artisans:

These kits provide a hands-on craft experience rooted in Cleveland’s artisanal traditions. Whether molding pottery, weaving fabric, or painting a canvas, they offer a holistic introduction to various crafts. With tools and materials sourced locally, they bring the authentic touch of Cleveland’s artisan community to young creators.

Each gift encapsulates the spirit of Cleveland, ensuring a memorable and enriching experience for the young recipients.


As the snow blankets the streets of Cleveland and twinkling lights adorn the city, finding the perfect Christmas gift for your young ones can add to the season’s joy. Our list endeavors to bring a slice of Cleveland’s spirit, culture, and heritage to your festive celebrations. With these Cleveland Christmas gifts, you’re not just wrapping objects but gifting experiences, memories, and a deeper connection to the city. Here’s to a festive season filled with laughter, love, and the magic of giving!


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