All You Need to Know About Solomon B. Babajide


The business world is vast, and there are several leaders from whom you may learn. Like a civilization, the structure changes and the top ones are replaced with new ones. To make the most of their company, however, every businessman faces comparable challenges such as hard work, devotion, time management, a clear vision, and so on. Great leaders’ paths to success are usually not easy, nor all of them endowed with a silver spoon or vast corporate fortune. Business executives’ perseverance, commitment, dedication to purpose and enthusiasm have paved the way for the successes realized in the new opportunities and expanded projects.

In such a world, exists Solomon Babajide. He is a corporate superstar who also mentors others. Because he works as hard for others as he does for himself, his previous experiences qualify ies him as a leader. Let’s take a look at Solomon B. Babajide’s characteristics.

Who is Solomon B. Babajide?

Solomon B. Babajide is a unique businessman who has been in the industry for 45 years. He was the Chief Executive Officer at one of Seaboard Corporation’s largest non-petroleum American investments in Nigeria, West Africa, as well as the Group Coordinator of the Seaboard Group in Nigeria. His diversified management experience extends to many industries such as manufacturing, finance, and service, where he assisted the firms in moving in the right direction by taking the necessary “growth” measures.

Despite his very busy schedules, Solomon serves the Lord and others in the Christian ministry as Administrator and Pastor of Christ’s Ambassadors Ministries in Boston, MA.

His academic credentials enable him to train other entrepreneurs through his experience. Solomon has an MBA, a Masters in Economics and Social Development, and an honorary Doctorate in Theology.

In his coaching workshops, he assists startups and struggling businesses to recognize purpose and relevance. He knows experientially that businessmen and women, the world over, desire to grow and outlive their businesses, but few intentionally follow the “how” to realize the desire.

Solomon sets out to assist every business person, irrespective of their background, their status or their net worth.

Solomon’s Books on Career Advice

His book: ‘You Can Make a Determined Difference… In An Environment of Competitiveness” encourages entrepreneurs to benefit from the principles of knowing what you really need, to staying focused, strong, purpose-driven and to seek divine guidance in the face of challenges. He dispels the myth of the “short-path,” because “short-cut cuts short lives.” He wants you to discover your calling and stay on the “lane” that you have been called by God, for the benefit of your community and the world around you. His second book: “You Can Dance with The Stars… In An Environment of Competitiveness, is also an excellent read since it discusses how to cut through the competition and to get your business and brand ahead of others.

He wrote these books with hands-on experience to share.

You do not have to be part of the statistics on failure.

Solomon and his team are available to offer you helping hands through their business coaching events, that will give direction to your business, grow and scale it – into the future.

Visit his website: to learn more on how to start, grow, and sustain your business.

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