Oneandonly design tailor the web design for the Payana Car Museum to provide an engaging online experience


Welcome to the Payana Car Museum – your destination, located in the cultural capital of Mysuru which has stories of automobile magnificence around every corner. Came alive and was established by the visionary and founder of Payana, Shree D. Veerendra Heggade. The Living Museum is an archive saved by the history to inspire the future generations.

Embracing the Digital Age

In a time and age where virtual impressions have equal value to physical ones, the task was to ensure Payana appealed to both the digital natives as well as classic car enthusiasts. The solution? A best practice social media strategy that creates a modern image that is reminiscent of the classic masterpieces.

Crafting Stories on Wheels

At Payana, every car and artifact has played an important part in the history and shaping of the future to tell a story, and these stories are the lifeblood of our social media accounts We make sure the narratives are not lost in the aesthetics, rather the aesthetics help preserve the storytelling and personality of the brand. Whether it is the exterior of a 1920s roadster or the internal architecture of a 1960s muscle car, our content does not just focus on looks but also covers stories of progress and heritage.

The Art of Telling Stories with Virtual Tours

Payana is not only an automobile museum but a window to history and to make accessible to the people who do not get the privilege to visit the museum was always the vision. This was achieved with the collaboration with OneandOnlyDesign Agency by building a presence on social media channels, immersing the followers in a feel of the museum environment and the option to zoom in on the attractions. These tours not only promote our online presence but also enable more people to experience these wonders first-hand.

Interactive Campaigns:

It also means bringing fans together, which is an important aspect of any community because it enables fans to interact with each other and share their passion for the shared interests.

Social media is not a one-way process. So to keep the interests alive from the other side of the screen, we incorporate everything from simple quizzes which are just automobile knowledge tests to photo contests where followers share their experiences with classics, all of our campaigns are set to create a community of enthusiasts who are into automobile history as much as we are.

Leveraging Influencer Power

To reach a wider audience and make this immersive experience accessible to a broader audience, we opted for cooperation with highly-followed influencers in the automobile and cultural niche that helped to expand the circle of potential clients. These influencers are able to provide their firsthand experiences of what it is like to visit OneAndOnlyDesign collaborating Payana car museum branding  for the tours, and to participate in special events, which gives us a wider reach for our social media marketing campaigns.

 Driving Into the Future

As we continue to navigate the digital landscape, our goal remains clear: to make sure that the heritage of vintage cars is not only protected but is also promoted to a greater extent. With every post, story, and campaign, more people will be encouraged to delve into this and become a part of Payana’s huge family.

 The Impact: Wider and Deeper Audience

The targeted campaigns have fostered an increased presence of Payana on social media as well as in museums. Social media advertising in Bangalore is a great way to reach your audience. The marketing strategy has not only increased the level of digital engagement but also enhanced the visitor experience by linking dots between the historical and contemporary.

Let’s join hands and hearts, and let us share this unique experience with you. Learn about the essence of classic cars and how they have influenced the future of the automotive world. Payana is not just a museum, it is a connection to an era of richness and grandeur and as a team, we make sure that this history reaches out to as many people as it can through social media. Join us to follow the narrative of automotive history, highlighting the best of the best in terms of design and legacy. Discover our history, find out more about our current collection, and get engaged with our program. Your support ensures that this rich and dynamic history can be passed on for generations to come.

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